Charnokit Ltd

Marksa str 30, s.Gaivoron,
Kirovograd region, Ukraine

Contact tel.:
+38 (0524) 33-2-36
+38 (0524) 33-2-25

"Charnokit" LTD is the industrial concern which have modern capacity to produce high quality granit macadam in the Kirovograd region of Ukraine.

The Charnokit plant was put into operation in 2007. It is situated in Zavallya settlement, approximately 20 km south to urban village Gaivoron, removed from highway Kiev-Odessa up to 30 km (Ul’yanivka area).

Convenient geographical location of the Enterprise allows railroads and trucking transportation of its production.

Production of "Charnokit" LTD is widely known within the Ukraine as well as in many other foreign countries.

The rocks of the field are classified as non-radioactive. According to the radiation and sanitary norms production of enterprise Charnokit complies to the 1st class safety (bellow 370 Bk/kg).

The content of determinal components and impurities is below the norm.

The structures of crushed rocks are all kinds of decay resistant.

Barmac plants with guaranteed highly cubical end products
NW Barmac VSI plant highlights:

- Based on the original Barmac vertical shaft impactor
- Minimized wear part costs thanks to rock-on-rock technology
- Easy to add as the third/fourth crushing stage
- High end-product cubicity guaranteed

The main descriptions of Charnokit’s macadam: Crushed rocks knap-resistance - 1400 type
Abradability-resistancetol – l.
Radiation class– l.
Cold-resistance - 300.
Flakiness Index – 8%
Bulk weight ~ 1.35 t/m3

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